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How to get your documents certified

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The following people are authorized to certify your identity documents outside Australia:

  • Notary publics

  • Staff at your Australian: Embassy, High commission, or Consulate

An authorised certifier in the presence of the applicant should certify that each copy is a true and correct copy of the original document, by:

  • Stamping, signing and annotating the copy of the documents to state ‘I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true and correct copy of the original document sighted’

  • Initialling each page

  • Listing their name, date of certification, telephone number and position

If your document is in an a Language other than English

If you provide documents that aren’t written in English, you must also provide an English translation made by an approved translation service.

All translations must include a statement from the authorised translator that it is a ‘true and correct translation made from the document sighted’. The translation should also display an official stamp, or similar showing the certifier’s accreditation.

Translations should also be accompanied by a certified copy of the original document in the language of origin, which has been stamped and signed as a true and correct copy by an approved certifier.

If you are obtaining the translation from overseas – contact your nearest Australian embassy, high commission, or consulate to determine approved translators in your country.


For a listing of these offices by country, visit the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website at

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