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Crypto Tax Accounting and Advisory Services

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As a progressive firm, crypto excites us. We see cryptocurrency as a big disrupter, and something to be embraced, not feared.  

The ATO classifies cryptocurrency as an asset, which means that when accounting for your crypto, it needs to be accounted for in Australian dollars, as a price that fluctuates over time. As with any asset, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Capital Gains Tax deductions also need to be applied. 

As cryptocurrency tax consultants, we can advise how Capital Gains Tax (CGT) should be applied to your cryptocurrency assets - as they will depend on how the crypto is sold or used, and how you go about transferring from one currency to another. 


We can also advise on trading crypto derivatives such as margins, futures, contracts or options; a tricky topic for most, as the guidance from the ATO can be limited.  


Although termed a 'currency', the ATO classifies cryptocurrency as an asset, NOT a currency.  

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